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Ancillary services
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Ancillary/Associated Services

These services can be be undertaken in conjunction with any other service we may be providing.

Brickwork: We can construct attractive brickwork to enhance your patio, drive, path etc; brochure available.

Fencing: We can arrange for this to be done, or we can put you in touch with a reputable company.

White Lining: A full range of hot thermoplastic and paint applied roadmarkings suitable for playgrounds, crossings, parking bays, pedestrian walkways, with all types of lettering.

Garden and Landscape Design: An individual service to match your specific requirement, may be additional cost.

Cleaning & Maintenance: This service is offered to existing customers, replacement of chipped or cracked blocks, high pressure cleaning.

All work comes with a guarantee and is covered by our £10,000,000 liability cover.